banner1There was excitement this past month as a set of brand new ukuleles arrived at the Spokane County Boys & Girls Club. The Be Great Club’s emerging music program will begin with members participating in weekly ukulele lessons, paired with attending local music events. Director of Operations Tamora Korth explains that “funding for our fledgling Ukulele program is thanks to a local organization called Future Song! They worked with our staff member Keilah on the purchase of the ukuleles, cases, instructional materials and music stands.” 

Future Song Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide education and musical opportunities underprivileged youth. They support access to music, by providing teachers, instruments, and mentorship. As the Club members progress and cultivate their skills, they will have the opportunity to also perform out in their community. The music program is already scheduled to perform at their Doors to Dream event in February.