About Us

Future Song Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) that provides funding to ensure that kids have access to musical instruction and instruments which are fundamental parts of a complete education.

Studies consistently show that music education plays a significant role in the development of our childrens academic skills as well as their self-esteem and creative abilities. Music completes the picture for a well rounded individual by allowing positive avenues for self expression and fundamental people skills. In other words, learning to play music together creates a sense of wellness, achievement and community.

Future Song will continue to fund music education projects in our area with a combination of fundraising events, corporate sponsorship’s, program admission fees, and private and governmental grants.

Mission Statement

Ensuring our young people achieve their full potential through the power of music and mentorship.

Myles Kennedy
Selena Kennedy
Director, Secretary
Sheryl Stone

We value the transformative power of music. We believe exposure to music elevates the human spirit, expands ones ability to grow beyond what they believe is possible. We value the transcendent nature of music that expands individual capacity, strengthens self-worth, inspires creative solutions, provokes understanding and appreciation of diversity, and knows no socio-economic limitations.”